Sunday Dinner

Something that doesn’t happen often enough in our home is being there on a weekend.  We have family and friends all over, so we spend most weekends away.  However, every now and again there is a random Sunday when we are home.  Naturally, this means I want to and will spend a ridiculous amount of time making dinner.  On the menu today is: slow cooked porterhouse steaks, mashed potatoes, and peas.

In October, we purchased a quarter side of beef so we have a freezer full of local grass feed beef!  To be honest, I have no idea what cuts are in there.  All I know is we have 150 lbs of it.  Today, I took out what I thought was a lovely thick steak-looking-thing (that’s professional terminology haha).  I wanted to slow roast it because early this week we went out for dinner with Hubby’s parents and he ordered a short rib that was so delish.  I’ve never made a short rib before and I wanted to give it a try.  So I go down to the freezer and pick out something that had a bone and was a good size for two.  I tried to find a short rib but I also didn’t want to get frost bite from my freezer so the porterhouse sounded good.  After, defrosting it I came to the realization it was two grilling steaks.  Oopsies!  I still carried on with my plan anyway and it was prefect!!  The house had this lovely smell all day and I didn’t make too many dishes, which is Hubby’s favourite sine he is the dishman.

After some recipe reading here is what I came up with for the steaks:

Dry rub

1T brown sugar

1t salt
1T paprika
2t black pepper, finely ground
1t granulated garlic
1t onion powder
1t ground cumin
1t chili powder
1t ground coriander
1/2t cayenne
1/2t ground allspice
1/3C wine (I used white because we had an open bottle)
1C beef
1/2C balsamic vinegar
1T dijon mustard  
1 small diced tomato
2 porterhouse steaks
2-3 onions (thickly cut rings)
1T olive oil


Mix all rub ingredients together until well combined and then rub all over the meat
Add olive oil to pan and sear the meat on all side (medium heat)
Place the onions over the bottom of the slow cooker
Place the seared meat on top of the onions
Mix all of the gravy together, other than the tomatoes
Add tomatoes the pan and get all the bites off the bottom.  Add the gravy to the pan.  Bring up to a boil and lower the heat and cook until the gravy is down by half.  Pour over top of meat.
Cook on high for 4-5 hours
Serve with onions and gravy

No gravy, for me, on my potatoes

At the last minute we invited my in-laws over for dinner so I put together a fast dessert of baked apples.  All you have to do is half the apples and top with brown sugar, oatmeal, cinnamon and butter.  Bake at 350c while you eat dinner.  They were just missing some ice cream but they were still yummy!

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