Pink Shirt Day

Last year my local paper, Waterloo Region Record, started supporting the anti-bullying movement with the Pink Shirt Day Waterloo Region.  This year they are doing it again!  On the last Wednesday of February people are encouraged to wear something pink to symbolize bullying will not be tolerate anywhere!  I ordered one of these fabulous shirts, however, only larges were left.  Which I took one look at and said to myself, “I can make this size ME!”  

First things first, with all sewing projects I wash, dry and iron the shirt.  Then turn it inside out.

Taking a shirt that I like as a guide, I traced an outline of it on the pink shirt.  I also made sure to mark where the arm holes are.

Next, I sewed along the lines with a straight stitch.  Followed with a zigzag as added protection.

Then I cut a long the newly added stitches and all the way up the shirt.

As you can see the sleeve is now was much bigger then the new hole.  But after cutting off the extra fabric and keep the sleeve fully intact I did a quick two inch gather at the very top of the sleeve to help it fit into the arm hole. 

Next, turn the sleeve right side in and place the sleeve inside the hole.  Line up the seams and pin.  It takes a little work but you will have some extra fabric around the hole but you can just cut that off once the sleeve has been attached.

The final product!

I’m really excited how this turned out and I will be sporting the shirt to work this coming Wednesday.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial (my first!).

If you are interested in this program, please check out the Waterloo Region Record NiE website for more information on how you, your school or business can be involved.

Uptown Baby

Fur Baby

isn’t she pretty?!

This past December our fur baby turned five.  This mean two major things: 1) our dog is older then us (in dog years) and 2) we have had a dog for five years!!  She is a very big part of our lives and it is still hard to believed
that we have her.  She is an amazing dog!  Hubby was just starting out
working for himself, at home, when we got her and he did all the
training.  I can only take credit for teaching her a few tricks like
“sit pretty” and the hug (which she will only do to me, weird).  In a
way, I’m kinda the Dad haha but it’s totally true.  Hubby is totally the

she sometimes thinks that it’s ok to act like a cat!

where we normally find her shortly before bed – she thinks she’ll be allow in our bedroom one of these weeknights (she is allowed in our room on weekends)
just chillin’ with her favourite toy – my Simba which we call Simbie