Fur Baby

isn’t she pretty?!

This past December our fur baby turned five.  This mean two major things: 1) our dog is older then us (in dog years) and 2) we have had a dog for five years!!  She is a very big part of our lives and it is still hard to believed
that we have her.  She is an amazing dog!  Hubby was just starting out
working for himself, at home, when we got her and he did all the
training.  I can only take credit for teaching her a few tricks like
“sit pretty” and the hug (which she will only do to me, weird).  In a
way, I’m kinda the Dad haha but it’s totally true.  Hubby is totally the

she sometimes thinks that it’s ok to act like a cat!

where we normally find her shortly before bed – she thinks she’ll be allow in our bedroom one of these weeknights (she is allowed in our room on weekends)
just chillin’ with her favourite toy – my Simba which we call Simbie

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