Handsome Little Men

As promised, the onesies tie post!

I’ve gone to a few craft shows and I can’t help but notice all of the little girl stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me a tutu, but boys are getting the short end of the stick!

This had me thinking, what can I do!  Then, shortly after I was watching Tori & Dean (I have a junk TV show problem) and her little guy was wearing a t-shirt with a tie on it.  It reminded me of a tux t-shirt, which are awesome in there own right, and I really liked the idea.  So I thought it wouldn’t be that hard so I gave it a try!

I’ve been making these for a little over a year and have even done some orders!  My favourite part about making them so far: three of them made it to Christmas cards of friends and family this year!

I have a few other ideas for little boys and I’m hoping to get to a craft show myself, one day.  My goal would be to rock it with all my awesome little man stuff.  Tutus, be warned!!

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