Kitchen Must-Haves

Everyone has there “must-have” kitchen items and the following are my top five:

Cast iron fry pan
Super thin metal spatula
French press coffee maker
Chef knife  

All of these items get used daily in our house and I would be lost without them.  Hubby is in full agreement with this list too.  Here are my reasons why:

Cast iron fry pan – Hubby has spent a lot of time getting this thing to a point where it is totally non-stick.  We cook everything in this baby!  From morning eggs, to a stir fry and even steaks.  We use it so much that it actually lives on the stove next to the kettle.  I use to put it away but have just giving up totally since we use it on most days twice.

Super thin metal spatula – This is the greatest tool ever!  Hands down.  Not only it is awesome for cooking with but for cleaning too (everything but Teflon coated stuff which we only have one thing with Teflon on it).  You know when you bake chicken and all the bits are burn/stuck to the bottom of the pan.  Well this sucker gets everything off, no soaking.  Hubby’s the dish man and ever since we got this spatula a few years ago he stopped giving me a hard time about really hard to clean pans!!  Everyone wins!

 Blender – I’m going to write a whole post on this because we make smoothies everyday.  We have gone through 4 blenders, no joke.  When we got married Hubby’s cousins got us a heavy duty one and it’s been going strong for two years now (the longest we’ve had a blender).  More about the blender and smoothies to come later on.


French press coffee maker – I know, sounds fancy.  Since we moved back home we have not been able to fine the lid of our coffee pot, making it impossible to use the maker all together.  Hubby thought it would be a good idea to use our espresso maker instead.  He actually pushed for it because an americano is way better then drip coffee anyway.  He was happy to make it for me in the morning (what a guy!).  Then we were at my cousins one weekend and she made coffee with a french press.  Our lives have never been the same since.  It takes up hardly any space on the counter and the coffee is amazing!  I’m not joking probably the best coffee.  We grid up a bunch of beans and have them in the cupboard ready to go.  Then in the mornings when I’m making my lunch I put the water on and it’s boiling by the time I’m done.  It really is very easy and worth it!  Since we don’t have a big old coffee maker out on the counter it leaves room for our beloved blender!!

Chef Knife – Enough said.  Every kitchen should have one of these.  Ours was a gift from my aunt and I truly love it.  I would have never thought I would love a weapon so much but I do.  If I could only have one thing from my kitchen it would be this baby.  Ummm, actually that’s kind of a lie.  I would totally take the cast iron pan.  Sorry knife but you have been demoted to number two…actually five because you are fifth in this list.  Still pretty important regardless.

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