Summers Ups and Downs

it’s the middle of August and this means for parents, kids and teachers it’s
back to school!  However, for the rest of us working non-parent type
people it just means another long weekend is just around the corner!
realize it has been a very long time since I last did a blog and for that I’m
sorry.  I wish I had some great excuse as to why but I really don’t.
At the end of May we lost our beloved Ruby and it’s taken me until now to get
the courage to face my blog and put it into words.  Back in February, I
wrote this post about this amazing little being.  She was very special and
the best thing she did was bring myself and Hubby, Dan, together and make us a
family.  We learned many things from her along the way and still do to
this day.  She was the best and is truly missed.


losing Ruby, it put some things into perspective.  We decided that we need
to do more fun things.  So we want to an amusement park!


was already planned but Dan then piled into a van with his band members and
partners and headed out west.  They did two tours, one out west and
another out east.  This amazing opportunity took place over 5 of 6
weeks.  Dan being away for that long made me realize that we have to do
more fun things together.  So that’s just want we did when he got
back!  We took a road trip!  I should have thought of the amount of
time he had already spent in a van this summer before planning but he didn’t
seem to mind at all so it was good.  We ate, drank and saw our way to
Nashville TN, Chapel Hill NC and Washington DC.
amazing how something tragic helps you see how strong you really are and how
great the things are around you.  The rest of the summer has been really
good!  Great family and friend weekends.  We have so much to look
forward to as well in the upcoming weeks: a cousins wedding, friends having
babies and a mini cottage vacation!  I hope you are enjoying your
is what I’ve been up-to though the eye of my phone’s camera lens!

a dozen roses from my own garden!
happy canada day!


been working on this one for a long time!  the kid will be a teenager by the time i finish (i’m actually making two)
for my niece!
pork chop with roasted pinapple
road trippin’


painters alley – Nashville
so many to pick from!
main course from our beer dinner in Chapel Hill
couldn’t see what i was taking a picture of but it turned out better then i could ask for!


did someone say pie!?
best $100 spent ever!!
healthy fish and chips
mexican burgers – oh ya!


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