Non-dairy Ice Cream

Have you ever tried putting a frozen banana in the food processor?  Well, if not, I’m about to change your life!
I give you a non-dairy banana raspberry ice cream…
Ingredients (makes two really good helpings, and I mean really):
2 frozen bananas
1C frozen raspberries
1T unsweeten coconut
1t honey
1/2C (ish) coconut milk (I use Coconut Dream)
Put everything in the food processor and whip it all up together.
So easy!  
note, that I have done this in the blender before but it takes a little
longer to get the creamy consistency.  I find it easier just to pull
out the food processor.  It makes for more dishes but that’s ok!  As you
all know, Dan’s the dish man!!!  Bee ba bop ba dop bop!


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