Cake Box Cookies

Have you heard that you can make 4-5 dozen cookies in less then an hour?  And all you need are three ingredients; a box of cake mix, 2 eggs and a 1/2 cup of oil!  Then you are good to go!

If you have never tried making cookies out of a cake mix, this will change your life.  I know it has for me, for the better… maybe not so much for my hips but that’s what a kettlebell is for.

I’ve been making cookies like this for well over a year now.  They always turn out prefect, yummy, and everyone always enjoys them.

The Basics


1 box cake mix any flavor (any brand, I always just get what is on sale)
2 eggs
1/2c oil (anything will work – I prefer butter)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Mix
ingredients in a bowl and drop by spoonful onto your cookie sheets.  I use a
cookie scoop and push mine down a little so they aren’t balls.  I also always cover my sheets with parchment paper.  Bake for 8-10 minutes.  Let cool for about 5 minutes on sheets and
then transfer to a cooling rack.
Once you know the basics you can start to get fancy.  I’ve done all of the following and they turn out awesome every time:

roll the cookie is anything – sugar (white, brown, icing), cinnamon, other cookies (crushed Oreo and Chocolate Chip are my favs), etc.
add chocolate chips or skor bits
add vanilla extract, almond extract, peppermint extract, food colouring, etc. 
add orange or lemon juice (1T) and zest
add sprinkles!

Here are some combinations I’ve done in the past:

White cake mix with strawberry extract, red food colouring and chocolate chips
White cake mix with peppermint extract, green food colouring and chocolate chips
Yellow cake mix with 2t vanilla and rolled the cookies in cinnamon (2t) and sugar (1/2c)
Chocolate cake mix rolled in chocolate chip cookies
White cake mix rolled in Oreo cookies
Confetti cake mix with added sprinkles

I think you get the point.  The possibilities are endless.
Then one day I thought – cheese cake cookies!  I’m pregnant, so there is no surprise with the stuff you can come up with.  Did some poking around and reading of other cake mix recipes and came up with this!!
Soft Cookies/Cheese Cake Cookies
1 box yellow cake mix 
1/2c butter 
1t vanilla
1 8oz cream cheese (oh ya!  All of it!)
1 egg
icing sugar/powdered sugar
I recommend that the butter and cream cheese be at room temperature, it just make it easier.  Beat together everything but the cake mix and the sugar.  I mixed it really well.  Then add in the cake mix.  Put in the fridge for about 30 minutes or so.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Scoop out the mix and roll the cookies in the icing/powdered sugar and drop onto cookie sheets.  Bake for 10-12 minutes.  Let cool for 5 minutes and transfer to a cooling rack.
These cookies where amazing!  I’m not joking, I actually won a potluck contest with them at work.  All I wanted was cheese cake cookies and I got these amazing soft cookies!!  They are SO GOOD!  I can’t wait to roll them in Oreos!  I’m sure they would be awesome with a chocolate cake mix and Irish Cream instead of vanilla (I would up it to a full T).  
Since I started making these cookies before I started the blog, I don’t have pics of them.  Sorry about that.  However, I will refer back to this posting and make sure to add pictures.  This will happen as early as this Friday, I turn the big 3-1 and will be bring in some goodies for all of my co-workers.  So stay tuned!
Uptown Baby

Uptown Mom!

So I went MIA again.  I have a
really good reason this time!!  It wasn’t
the blog I was hiding from, it was pretty much everyone.  On September 19th, we found out
the wonderful news that we were excepting!! 
To be honest, shortly thereafter I was going to bed as early as
8:30.  Who does that!  A pregnant lady,  that’s who. 
So no time or energy to do bloggy stuff.
I’m very happy to report that I have not been sick once.  I’m so grateful for that for so many reason
but my number one is that I’m far from the bathroom at work.  It could have gotten messy really fast.  I’m wondering if my lack of morning sickness
has to do with the fact that I sit all day. 
Either way, I feel very lucky to have kept down all of my meals for the
last three month!  I most definitely don’t
feel “right” most days but I’m happy to report, I think I’m past that.  Dan may say different but I think I’m getting
The due date is May 21st which sounds good to me since it’s
one of my besties birthday.  Her husband
and I share the same birthday so why not her and my child!  Haha! 
It’s hard to judge if I’ll go on time, early or late since our families
are not constant in this category. 
It’s funny how your thought process changes or is just totally gone.  People talk about baby brain and for me it’s so
true.  You know what isn’t a good combo –
a girl with a learning disability and baby brain.  It’s a good thing that I have ways to double
check my work, however, some mistakes were still made.  That’s life, I guess.  Good thing I have an awesome boss!
We are both very excited and scared at the same time but I think that
is the case for everyone and the first babe. 
We are really looking forward to the very busy six months ahead of us!
Stay tuned in on the blog for photos, updates and thoughts as we go
through this wonderful process!!  Stories
to look forward to in the upcoming six months – a trip to Spain, a trip to BC,
the baby room, meal prep for after baby arrives and baby related
sewing/crocheting project.  Plus, all the
things that my amazing husband has going on and I remember to write about!

This is going to be fun!