Uptown Mom!

So I went MIA again.  I have a
really good reason this time!!  It wasn’t
the blog I was hiding from, it was pretty much everyone.  On September 19th, we found out
the wonderful news that we were excepting!! 
To be honest, shortly thereafter I was going to bed as early as
8:30.  Who does that!  A pregnant lady,  that’s who. 
So no time or energy to do bloggy stuff.
I’m very happy to report that I have not been sick once.  I’m so grateful for that for so many reason
but my number one is that I’m far from the bathroom at work.  It could have gotten messy really fast.  I’m wondering if my lack of morning sickness
has to do with the fact that I sit all day. 
Either way, I feel very lucky to have kept down all of my meals for the
last three month!  I most definitely don’t
feel “right” most days but I’m happy to report, I think I’m past that.  Dan may say different but I think I’m getting
The due date is May 21st which sounds good to me since it’s
one of my besties birthday.  Her husband
and I share the same birthday so why not her and my child!  Haha! 
It’s hard to judge if I’ll go on time, early or late since our families
are not constant in this category. 
It’s funny how your thought process changes or is just totally gone.  People talk about baby brain and for me it’s so
true.  You know what isn’t a good combo –
a girl with a learning disability and baby brain.  It’s a good thing that I have ways to double
check my work, however, some mistakes were still made.  That’s life, I guess.  Good thing I have an awesome boss!
We are both very excited and scared at the same time but I think that
is the case for everyone and the first babe. 
We are really looking forward to the very busy six months ahead of us!
Stay tuned in on the blog for photos, updates and thoughts as we go
through this wonderful process!!  Stories
to look forward to in the upcoming six months – a trip to Spain, a trip to BC,
the baby room, meal prep for after baby arrives and baby related
sewing/crocheting project.  Plus, all the
things that my amazing husband has going on and I remember to write about!

This is going to be fun!


  1. Congratulations on your exciting news!

  2. YEAH! Congrats! I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to hear all the details of your journey.

    • Thanks! It's going to be pretty fun and we are both really looking forward to this new stage. Stay intouch because I'll start posting belly pics soon now that I'm showing.


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