Iceland in a Day

Here we go… Iceland in one day!  Hang onto your seats kids because it’s going to go by fast!

We got up had breakfast so that Dan could go get the rental car.

We got on the road at 9am and it was dark out!  Our plan was to do the golden circle. That is the main touristy thing to do. The night before we looked online for any insight on how long it would take and we couldn’t find much.  So we went into it not knowing how long it would take.  Our flight was at 5pm so we needed to be back at the Airport by 3pm… totally possible from what we had found.

Get ready because here is what we did!

On the road by 9am

Way too excited to be doing this in our rain coats!

Got to Thingvellir (a national park) by 10:30am and the sun was just starting to come up

We were at the top of the lake 

So happy that I brought my hat!
Epic belly pic!  I’m standing between two tectonic plates (North America and Europe)!

Got to the Geysir at 11:15 and the sun was out, cold but out (-13c)

The Geysir went off as we were taking this picture… it was showing off!
Icelandic Horse!  Too cute to not stop and…
pet them!

Got to Gullfoss by noon and it was also cold but awesome

We had to start heading back by 1 and we were right on target!  We didn’t stop on the way back but it worked.  We got to the car lot at 3:20 a little later then we (I) wanted but it was ok.  Note: the sun was already starting to go down.

I’m a GoT fan and this totally reminded me of  the Wall!  Probably is the Wall since they do film in Iceland.

So there you have it. Golden circle in 6.5 hours with stops and a quick lunch stop. I think if it wasn’t so cold it would have taken longer.  Since the circle is the thing to do, each place had a little shop that Dan let me walk around.  I was also able to go to the washroom each time we stopped.  With this whole trip, if there was a WC around I was using it!  Even at 16 weeks pregers I had to pee all the time!

We were the last ones to check in to our flight and ended up with upgraded seats!  CRAZY awesome!  Iceland Air totally rocked this extra day for us!

Upgraded seats luxury!
Such an awesome way to end a trip!!  Couldn’t have asked for a better finial trip together before the babe came!!!

One last amazing thing, this was my view for three hours on the way home.  I may never again get to see the sun set for that long and I’m so lucky to have done it with my better half!

I hope you enjoyed our trip as much as I did! 

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