Spain – day 0/1

The trip started out with me being nervous about flying by myself and getting around alone on public trans in Barcelona. By the way this started months ago!  The night before I was too excited to sleep and I also don’t sleep well on flights so this was going to be interesting.

Everything was going great!  Got my carry-on in the overhead compartment right over me.  Also got my much needed isle seat.  The big guy that was stuck in the middle seat was moved so there was extra space to be had.

Got to London with no problems!  The next two hours is what has been keeping me up at night since planning this trip.  I had 1 hour 55 minute before my next flight took off.  I speed walked to customs, I knew that I was going to have to switch terminals so needed to get there as fast as possible.  I already had my boarding pass for the next flight so I felt like I was in a good position.  Customs wasn’t busy!  Got on the monorail to the other terminal and went right back through security. No problem!  Was this really happening!!  Not to shabby for my first time travelling by myself. I was so proud!

Now that stressful part was done, I was feeling tried.  After all my head thought it was 2am and not 8am.  So I got some food and had about 45 minutes before my flight would get posted.  I thought I would read a little but gave up really fast because I was too tired.  So I was that creepy person that just sat there and listened to all of the wonderful accents around me!  I love England!  Did I mention that’s where I was getting my connection?!
I overhear a women on the phone with her mom saying “everything was on time”.  I didn’t think much of it because she could have been going anywhere and maybe where she was going was weather related.  The gate gets kinda posted, it was a range of gates. So I headed to another less busy holding area.  So there is where all of my good luck started to slow down.  No announcements where made about the flight until 15 minutes before it was scheduled to leave. There was a delay. Noticed an another airline had a flight going to Barcelona that delayed by an hour and a half.  I had no idea what was in store for me.  I wasn’t too worried at this point because getting to the gate was the part freaking me out the most and I was sitting at it!

The next two hours are a little blurry for me… so sleepy!  We lined up twice and were told that the flight was delayed.  Then third time we line up we are actually boarding. Got to Barcelona no problem and I think was asleep by the time the flight leveled out in the air and woke up when we landed.  I don’t remember much from the flight at all.  I found out later that the issue was air traffic control was done in the UK that morning.  So everything was delayed.  
Now the hard part, take the airobus to the subway in a country I don’t speak the language.  I did the research before hand and I did it!  No problems!  So excited!

I figured this out all by myself!!
I also got to the hotel with pretty much no problems as well.  I was finally able to sleep!!  I was then woken up by the best thing ever – my husband who I haven’t seen in 2 weeks!!
I couldn’t tell you what time it was.  All I knew that I had to get ready for dinner because the band promoter was taking us out for an authentic Spanish tapa dinner.  Humm, I don’t think I’ve explained why we were on this trip.  My husbands band was doing a two week Europe tour and I was meeting them for this last show and we were going on our last vacation just the two of us!  
The dinner was out of this world!  We were in our own private room.

Just your average dinner decor!  Haha!

The food was awesome!  I had duck liver for the first time and wished I could have tried the beed tartar but no raw meat for this prego.

We then headed to the venue, the famous Razzmatazz, where the boys were going on at 3am (it was currently midnight). I was going to try to make it through and I totally did!!  The show was awesome and the crowd was amazing. I even got to see the back stage treatment given to the band!
Went back to the hotel for some well needed sleep!
Great start to the adventure that was ahead of us!!

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