Spain – day 2

In 2007, Dan and some of his friends had come to Spain and he already knew the main highlights.  Since we were going to be in Barcelona for only one day we were going to hit up La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell.  They are probably the most popular things to do so we tried to get and early start, 11am. Considering we went to bed at 4am – 11am was early!!

La Sagrada Familia was crazy from the outside!  We did a walk around just to take it all in,then got into line.  Since it was December we only waited for about a half hour.  The BIG benefit of travelling off season, not that many people around and it was a SUNDAY!  I cannot recommend travelling off season enough.  I think my favourite part was when Dan was here before the roof was still being installed.  So even he was blown away with it (again)!  It was nice knowing it was blowing his mind too!

Afterwords we walked around a little, got some lunch and headed to the Park Guell.  It was actually smaller then I thought but still very cool to think that someone thought about this stuff in the 1800s. 

We then headed back to the hotel for me to rest and Dan to work.  We met with some friends that Dan was doing the tour with to get some dinner.  Boy was it a dinner!!  We ended up at a place the promoter told us about.  It was called Fabrica Moritz Barcelona.  It is a Tapas and beer resturant dating back to 1856 (maybe that is just the beer part).  Sadly, I just got to enjoy Fanta (they love Fanta in Spain) and water.  The food was so good.  The lighting not so much, everything is orange.

The Spanish eat late and so did we, not finishing up until 1am.  CRAZY!   We had to get to bed!  Our flight for Granada was leaving 10:45 am the next morning. 

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