Spain – day 3

The plan for for today is mainly travel. We headed out to the airport for our flight to Granada. It was a short one and we had no problems. Well, with the traveling part. We were carrying our backpacks and one small suite case on wheels with band stuff. Good thing I was on the ball today because when we stepped off the bus Dan forgot to get it and we had to stop the bus from leaving!  That aside we were issue free!
We found the hostel with no problems. Dan had got a Euro phone plan for his whole trip and this defiantly came in handy!  I highly recommend this especially in those little Euro streets!
So with the travelling done we got some eats… Oldy enough we got an awesome flafa and sharwa. The area where our hostel (which was super nice) reminded me of our trip to Rabat but much cleaner.

Dan had to work so… me, myself and I ventured out for a walk!  Totally crazy for me to do, I stuck to the main streets and found that we were in a high end shopping area. It was busy with people so I wasn’t worry at all. My mission was to get tickets for the Alhambra!  I was walking for more then an hour and I knew that I had missed the store. So I headed back to the hostel and there it was!  Right at the first corner… Needless to say I was pooped after all of that walking.  Got the tickets and headed back to the hostel for a nap. Dan finished up his work and decided to head out himself!

Dan wasn’t gone long before he came back to get me.  He was seeing some pretty awesome stuff that he didn’t want me to miss out on.  We then walked around the streets for an hour!  With the help of his phone, he always kind of knew where we were. At the end we came up to a park and sat there for a little and took in the view. It was pretty much at the top of a hill and pretty awesome to take it all in. Lot of locals where up there as well. 
That’s a bus stop!
Our view… not a good quality picture

We came back down and started looking for dinner. We came across a sausage place that was packed with locals.  We knew it had to be good!  We just guest at what we were ordering and it was so good!  The place was packed with people just standing around talking and having a good time.  I can’t think of anything to compared it too. There was nowhere to sit and all the napkins where on the ground with the dishes everywhere. We headed out to see what else we could find and around the corner was fresh doughnuts!  Did I mention…made to order!  I couldn’t have been happier!

Sorry honey, this was the only picture I took inside!

It was probably 10 pm and we went back to the hostel for some relaxation. What that really means is Dan needed to work more and I was going to go to bed. 

I decided to take a look at our reservations for the rest of the week and noticed that I somehow missed a day. So we decided to stay in Granada an extra night and travel to Seville during the day. 
It was a pretty low key day but we needed our energy for tomorrow!  Alhambra here we come!!

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