Spain – day 4

Alhambra day!
We both were so pumped for this day!  When Dan came back from his trip in 2007 he promised me that he would bring me to the Alhambra!  Today was the day that he was going to fulfill that promise to me!  
The Alhambra is at the top of a mountain, I highly recommend taking the bus. It’s worth the €1.20 each!  Dan walked it in 2007, in August, he said that it was a billion degrees outside. It was a nice day but this pregers was not about to walk up a mountain!  We already had our tickets and we knew that we had sometime to see everything else before our set time. Give yourself time to check out the gardens and the other buildings. It’s totally worth it!  Even in the off season it still took us four hours to see all of it. Of course, we had brought snacks and took a coffee break.  
Epic coffee picture!
We decided to get sausages again for lunch. We went to a different place this time not as good but still yummy. It wasn’t busy because were are still on North American lunch time and not Spain time.   
We headed back to the hostel for Dan to work and me to nap. I was worried about being pregnant and walking around all day.   Since Dan is self employed he still needs to work a little everyday so this works out well for me! 
While I was asleep Dan found a place to go for dinner. On tripadvisor it was the number one place so it had to be good. It was Italian, my fav, so worth a shot. Well, it was good but average. The food is made daily including the pasta but they heated it up in a microwave!  I was a little shocked by this but whatever. I have come to learn this is a semi normal practice.  It was a tiny place and the lady working was lovely. Her English was broken but you could make it out. Spanglish seemed to be working so far!
We did a little more walking around before calling it a night. 

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