Spain – day 5

Travel to Seville day!
Got up and decided to just go to the train station and eat once we were there. They had a cafe in the small station so this would work for us. The train ride was lovely and through some rolling mountains. 
This mountain so looks like a face!
Got off on what I thought was our stop but we actually wanted the next one. Sounds scary but this city had 4 stops so we were fine. I was more annoyed at myself for messing it up. Which for the day this wasn’t the end of that. 
Dan with his data plan found our way to our hostel. Which I thought was a b&b. Wrong again.  This day was shaping up to be not one of my best. 
Note to all travellers, don’t let the locals just hand you something.  Where we were they were giving “away” ferns which looked like rosemary.  We know this from when Dan was here before and our experience in Lisbon. They will just hand it to you and want money in return. They are very aggressive so watch out!
We got to the hostel and oh we should have checked in the day before. I was wrong again!  Third times a charm.  Today was not my day. So we didn’t need to stay the extra night in Granada and ended double booking ourselves. I guess these things can happen!
We took the hostess recommendation for lunch and headed out. I was starving!  So we went looking. This is my pet peeve while travelling. Looking for somewhere that someone recommended. We did this in London twice and looked for upwards to 2 hours one night. I like food but not that much and being pergers it was even worse. However, I was already in a bad mood from all the thing I did wrong that I was just trying not to kill Dan for trying to find this place.  So happy to have had Dan’s phone,we got lost very shortly but found shortly there after. 
The only information we had about the name is that it was called Bodega. Well that means wine bar. So there are bodegas everywhere!  So be careful. The place was packed and no English which was prefect for us in a way. Dan has allergies so we always have to be careful. We were trying to figure out the menu when I said why not see if the bar tender (you order the food at the bar too) can just pick stuff for us. Dan was able to communicate with the bar tender and placed our order!  I actually had a good idea today!  I recommend doing this. The food was awesome!
Did some more walking around and came back for our afternoon nap/work session. 
It was time for dinner and I found two places really close to us that rated high on tripadvisor so we headed out. One didn’t have many people in it (it was well after 10 – aka dinner time in Spain) and the other had no one in it. This should have been a sign. For some reason we still went in. The guy didn’t speak a word of English and I have no idea what we ate, it wasn’t that great either. I just wanted to leave. So tripadvisor isn’t our friend with food recommendation currently.  We walked around for a little after dinner and then headed back to the hostel.
We watched an American movie but in Spanish. The movie was pretty lame so this made it so much better at guessing what was going on!  
I was happy this day was over, it wasn’t a very good one.  However, it’s what you get out of it that is important!  Today we learned: Tripadvisor is not always right and we are pretty good at travelling without nothing the language!  Bring on tomorrow!

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