Spain – day 6

In reality yesterday wasn’t all that bad.  It just had crappy monuments. 

Today’s plan – go to the Seville Cathedral and the Alcazar. 

Lucky for us both were very close to our hostel (we planned this when booking).  We were so close to the Cathedral that we could see it from our hostel.  

The Cathedral is huge!  23,000 square feet and it was beautiful!  I’m no history major but it’s my understanding that Seville was a major shipping port from the Americas so it saw a lot of gold. Clearly it went into this church. It was built in the 1500s. This church wasn’t as pained or tilted like some of the other ones we’ve seen around but still very lovely.  The main alter was under contraction which has been a trend that we have seen throughout our visits to places.  Our best guess for this is because of it being off season and the temperature would be much more pleasant for the works.

This was our view from our hostels roof top!

Clothing check – all these old buildings are freezing so bring an extra layer. 

We headed out for lunch to another place our hostel recommended. It wasn’t opened yet. We have learned that you really have to alter your eating habits here. For dinner, kitchens open at 8:30 pm so getting lunch at 3 is perfectly normal.  We just hit up a cafe and got sandwiches.  
The Alcazar didn’t have maps and at first we couldn’t understand why but soon after we did. The place is so big that having a map would probably be impossible. This place must be seen by all. I cannot recommend it enough. It is a beautiful mix of Muslim and Christian art and architecture. It’s really something to see – the mix of the two cultures and how one didn’t ruin the other.   
Side Note: The teams from Amazing Race had to come to this spot and get a clue last season!  I was so pumped about that because I had been there!

We spent all of the afternoon here. Looked at the main building and walking around the gardens. Dan even pick an orange!  I think the picture explains how good they were. He did this twice and both time it was nasty.

We came back to the hostel for our nap/work combo. I’m not feeling jet leg probably because of these naps. I’m going to get my butt kick when we get back home.  For dinner headed to the place we had tried earlier for lunch. I’m so happy we did!  It was so good and there menu was in English so we knew what we were kind of getting this time.  However, we did still ask the server to pick our food.

After dinner we headed out to do some exploring.  It’s hard to remember that Christmas is just two weeks away.  It was really cool to get to see how other countries decorate for it.

We got back to our room around 11 and called it a night!  We were pooped!  Lots of walking today. 

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