Spain – day 7

Today we just took it easy.  Dan needed to work and I was up for a day of relaxing and just enjoying being on holidays.  So we just sat on the roof top of our hostel – Dan working away and me reading.

Once Dan was done we headed out for some lunch and it actually started to rain a little.  This was a little surprising to us since we sat on the roof for so long enjoying the sun!  It didn’t last and we were thankful.  We headed back to the place from last night but the kitchen wasn’t opened for lunch yet… but it would be at 1:30!  It was 1:05 so we waited it out.  We had more tapas, this time actually ordering off the menu.

Then we headed out to get tickets for a flamenco dancing show.  We got our tickets and on our way back past by a fabric store.  Dan’s the best and waited nicely for me to look at everything.  He even helped me figure out how to buy some fabric because I was struggling with the pricing.

Our plan for the evening was for Dan to work more and me to rest, go to the show and hit up one more recommended restaurant for a late dinner.  This was our last night in Seville and we hadn’t done much walking around at night in the area where the dancing was.

The show was awesome!  I highly recommend seeing a show.. the music was great and the dancing was something else!  Dan commented about how passionate the woman was and someone wouldn’t want to mess with her.  It’s true tho!  She looks like she could take you out with on stump.

After the show we headed out to find the restaurant for dinner.  Earlier in the day, I couldn’t find the place on google maps and was a little worried it was no longer in business but Dan wanted to try.  On our way, we walked through what must be the Time Square of Seville.  It was really lively and took us by surprise!  We didn’t stick around too long because we were hungry so we continued on.

One side of the street

and just one bar on the other
We came to the area where the restaurant should have been and nothing by the name we were giving was to be found.  We walked in circles for an hour.  We decided to go back to the first place that we ate at in Seville because we liked it so much.  However, not before stopping for crochets for the road.  

The place was packed but we got a seat…somehow. People were everywhere, inside and out. Everyone seems to smoke in Spain but not indoors so lots of people hanging outside with food and drinks.  It seemed like everyone in the place was local.  It was so lively and such an awesome experience!  I was so happy that we came back and were able to get a table.

My date!  I’m such a lucky lady!

We finished up and headed back called it a night. It was 11pm.

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