Pregnancy Recap – Second Trimester

Aww!  The Second Trimester!  WE MADE IT!  I was so happy to be done with the first trimester.  Not because of feeling like crap or anything just that it was out in the open!  I was feeling good, my belly was getting to be a nice size and midwife appointments were going great!

In week 20 we found out that it was a boy!  Super excited about this because it was the first boy in my family.  Growing up when ever I thought about my family I only ever saw myself with boys.  So I was super pumped about having a little guy!

Here are my thoughts on my second trimester:

Feeling hungover even though I was anything but: Late into my first trimester, I started to feel hungover if I didn’t get enough sleep.  This wasn’t all that fair because I did nothing to feel that way.  So on weekends, I still treated it the same way – tried to sleep a lot, eat junk food and watch TV all day.  As for going to work feeling this way, it was annoying.  I just over did it on the water (or tried too) than by 2 I would feel more normal.  The feeling pretty much stuck around for the rest of my pregnancy.  It just became the norm in my third trimester.  The good news as that my headaches were gone probably because the rest of my body felt like crap!

Feeling the Baby: At first I couldn’t tell if it was the baby or just gas.  Then by week 22 I was feeling him.  When Dan was around I would always try to get him to feel the kicking but that didn’t really happen until week 30.  He was very active at night – the baby not Dan.  I use to joke that he was having a party at 3am because that’s what it felt like.  It was my favourite thing about being pregnant.  I loved touching my belly, connecting with the little man and trying to guess where he was in there.

Self Esteem & Body Image: Oh I was loving my body!  I would wear tight clothes to show off my belly all the time.  I loved it!  I have worked very hard over the years to really and truly love my pear shaped body.  Nothing like being pregnant to feel amazing about yourself!  Haha!  My self esteem was at the highest it had ever been.  To this day it’s still pretty high, I did grow a baby in my belly after all!

Maternity Clothes: I have been trying to add colour and texture to my wardrobe for a few years now and my mat clothes were no different.  I kept it pretty simple and had a few key pieces.  I added things like scarves for the colour and texture.  H&M was my favour place for clothes!  Did you know that they carry maternity ware?  For my birthday, myself and a good friend of mine, went shopping in the states (my birthday is November 29th… so it was black Friday! so good sales on that weekend).  I spent $150 and got three pairs of pants (two of them jeans), three t-shirts and a sweater.  It was great!  My local store doesn’t carry mat clothes but one did near my head office in a different city.  Therefore any time I had meetings I would drop by the store on my way home.  In addition to the H&M clothes, I would always check out Target and Old Navy.  I made a killing at Old Navy after the holidays!  I got sweaters for $12.99!  I clearly need to do a post of my wardrobe.  Haha!  My point here is that mat clothes don’t have to be tents any more!

Getting a Midwife: My sister-in-law had a midwife and her experience was great so that’s what I wanted as well!  I called I soon as I found out and was wait listed.  Lucky for me, my GP was going to look after me until I got in.  Well it took 8 weeks and I was just starting into my second trimester.  Either way, I was able to get the same midwife that delivered my niece and nephew!  Yeah!  So that was exciting.

Travelling: I never thought of myself as a traveller but I think I could be classified as one now.  In two years I’ve been to five countries and to BC twice.  In my 27th week, I was going to be flying to BC again.  I was feeling good and all I wanted was a isle seat which I got!  I just made sure to have lots of food with me and ask for water a lot.  I didn’t take one of those little cups of water the airlines give out – I would ask the stewardess to fill my big bottle and each time they did!

Sleeping: The first trimester was great because of being so tried all the time.  However, in my second trimester if I didn’t get enough sleep I would feel hungover (see above).  A friend recommended this pillow.  I’m so happy she did!  It was like heaven.  I loved my pillow, I brought it everywhere with me and cried when I forgot it at a hotel.  Please note that it’s perfectly normal to cry at forgetting your pillow at a hotel.  Just don’t do what I did and call your husband crying on the side of a highway because of a forgotten pillow.  It will just make them think that you are totally nuts or just more nuts in my case!

Overall:  Feeling pretty good!  Feeling the baby!  Trying to stay positive.  Outside of work, I took advantage of this time with going shopping, visiting friends and watching TV.  Since I didn’t know what life would be like once baby arrived!

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