Pregnancy Recap – Third Trimester

The third trimester here we go!  The time was flying by.  I couldn’t believe that we were into the third trimester.  Work was starting to pick up and I had a to do list a mile long.  I was starting to feel big and pregnant.  Not to mention having to pee every 45 minutes.  I had definite pressure around me, probably mostly brought on by myself (please note: this is why I wasn’t writing blog posts at this time).

Here are my thoughts and feelings about my third trimester:

Baby Education: I had decided not to take any prenatal classes, instead we took sessions on breastfeeding and emergency care.  I felt that since I had a midwife that the prenatal classes weren’t needed.  That was just my opinion and if you want to take a class please do!  Locally, we have a Momstown group and I went to a few of the Belly Basics nights which I found really helpful.

Feeling the pressure: Up until now we were just going with the flow.  We hadn’t really gotten anything ready at home for the baby.  I was doing a lot of reading so I felt ready in that sense.  Dan was given Be Prepared for Christmas and had yet to read it.  “I have lots of time for that” is what I was told.  I was feeling ready for the baby in my head but no where else.  Work had just started looking for my replacement, the room wasn’t started, my shower wasn’t going to be until I was 36 weeks so we had nothing in the house, etc.  I’m feeling panicked just writing about it!  I just kept on telling myself there was lots of time.  As for work, not my problem about finding my replacement.  I just needed to get as much done as possible so I made a to do list.  We worked on the room and got it pretty much done by week 34 (although it really didn’t have anything in it other then a few things we had already been given).  Getting the room done was hard for me because I’m the type of person that just does stuff.  Being this pregnant really slowed me down.  I needed help!  One night, I was so annoyed that I couldn’t move a dresses by myself that I just sat on the floor (in the baby room) and cried.  Dan was super busy with work and not at home at the time so I had no one to ask for help (which I really hate doing anyway).  I was crying because; 1) I knew I had to get over this not asking for help thing; 2) I was having a baby in a few weeks; 3) I really just wanted ice cream instead working on baby’s room; 4) I probably had to pee for the hundredth time that day and 5) I felt like I was the size of a house.  I picked myself up and did what I could.  The next day Dan moved the dresser.  It was all good.  Please note, that it’s totally ok to cry at the stupidest stuff in your third trimester/whole pregnancy/when ever you feel like it after the baby is born.

Body Image: Still feeling good about what I looked like!  My belly was nice and round and I still had my curves.  I was gaining about one pound a week at this point.

Hip Pain:  In week 26 I started getting really bad hip pain.  I’m not sure if it was because I sit at a desk all day or what.  Nothing was working to help it. I started to see an RMT and that would help temporarily.  This was going to be something that I was just going to have to deal with. Some days where better then others.

Fatigue: I had to pee all the time and at night it was way worse.  Our only bathroom is on the main floors with our bedroom upstairs it was an effort to go in the middle of the night.  I got to the point when I would have to go two maybe three times a night…not fun.  I just thought it was my body getting me ready for getting up two or three times a night to do a feeding.  The fatigue mostly hit me around 3pm.  If only it was ok to go have a nap at work!!  I would just fight through it and I would try go to bed in good time.  Not much else a person can do about fatigue other then just deal with it.  I think that’s what I did, the people around me at the time may have a different option.  The good news for me is this my blog and they don’t have a say!!  Haha!

Getting around: I definitely slowed down at this stage and for me this was very hard.  It was frustrating that I couldn’t do simple things any more.  In the end it was a good learning experience.

Overall: I was still feeling pretty positive about the whole experience.  Yes, it had its moments and I knew it would.  It was just a little shocking when my third trimester was cut short by 4 weeks and 6 days.  On April 21, my water broke and it was one of the scariest moment of my life.

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