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Pregnancy Recap – Labour

It’s interesting because at the time of my labour we were just going with the flow.  It wasn’t until I sat down to write this post that I actually got emotional about the whole thing.  I’ll spare you the details and just recap it.

It was the Monday after Easter weekend which we had spent at Dan’s family cottage.  We got home late Sunday night and something wasn’t right.  We called my back up midwife and she said that everything seemed normal for 35 weeks.  I was scared and we tried to get some sleep.  I knew something was up but I couldn’t put it into words.  My midwife came on call at 8am so I called her at 8:10am.  She also said that it was normal.

I was trying to decided if I should go to work or call in sick.  I was super busy at work and knew if I didn’t try to make it in the next day would be even crazier.  I sat up in bed and my water broke (I was very thankful that two weeks earlier I had purchased the waterproof mattress cover).  We called my midwife and she told me that we were to meet her at the hospital because we were going to have a baby that day.

We were informed early on that an OB would be delivering my baby because of him being a preemie and I was going to be induced.  Everyone was on the same page that it was going to be hours before he was born.  The nurse even said that since her shift was over at 7pm she probably wouldn’t see this baby be born.  Well, around 3pm everything kind of kicked into over drive.  I did end up getting an epidural and that made me transition right away.

During the whole labour process I was aware that we had many people in the room (15) but I could only hear Dan and the OB.  It was an amazing experience.  I wasn’t ready for the labour part yet – I had 5 more weeks to go!  We were blessed to get such and amazing OB,  She had everyone in check and that’s what I needed.  I was so scared and she was able to hold my focus.

3:48pm – Evan Joseph Roberts was born!

He was so tiny (5lbs 12oz) and I was only able to hold him for a minute before they took him away.  He needed to get to the NICU to be put on oxygen.

It was such a crazy experience.  I don’t remember much after that part and what I do remember is probably an hour after I delivered him.  I was hungry and full of energy (if you can call it that – I was probably high on life).  It was a pretty emotional time because we didn’t have much information on our guy other then what our midwife had told us.  I think it was 5 before Dan got to see him.  Dan was able to take everyone to see our little man.  I had to stay in bed for 6 hours before going to see him.  
It was very emotional and still is thinking about all the wires and tubes that were connected to him.  The first time seeing him was so hard because we couldn’t hold him, just touch.  We did get to see his little face and he looked just like daddy!
We spend the night in the hospital and finally got to hold him at 6am.

our first picture taken together and second time holding him!