Uptown Baby – Preemie Power

After this post, I’ll be all caught up!  Yeah!!  Thanks for hanging in while I got my head around being a busy pergo and a new mom.  I know that the posts from the last month or so have been out of date.  The great news is things should start to be a little more normal in the near future.

Without further adieu – Preemie Power!

We had no idea how long Evan would be in the NICU for – our midwife had said 48 hours and on the fist night the nurse say two weeks!  We ended up learning that it would be closer to two weeks.  The 48 hours was how long he would be on medication.  He had to get his breathing in check, be feeding on his own and pass a car seat test before heading home.

Honestly, I’m so thankful for our experience in the NICU.  The nursing staff was amazing.  He had the best care and did really well!  He was in the hospital for 9 days.

This poster hung right by the doors into the NICU and did it make me feel good each and every time I walked in.

Evan did great!  He was off his oxygen by day three and we were starting to feed him by day five.  Dan come down with a cold so I was going to the hospital on my own and managing all the family visit.  I never once had a negative thought as to what could have been.  That came later.  Like I did during my pregnancy I just stayed positive and pushed the negativity away.

I had to pump and that was hard work!  We so badly wanted him to get my milk and not formal that we gave the nurses every last drop.  I found, at the hospital, I was able to produce milk but at home it was a fight.  I’m thinking it was because I was away from him but I’m not sure.  Dan had taken a video of Evan sucking on his soother and that’s what finally worked for my milk to come in at home.

What a crazy start to parenting!  We learned so much when he was in the hospital and now looking back I see that time as so valuable to us and I will never forget it!

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