Uptown Baby – Teething

Teething = NOT FUN!
Just the screaming cries at 4am aren’t fun.  But the drool-monster that is your child is super fun (when not screaming because of teething)!

So a few weeks back, I asked my Facebooks followers what they did with regards to teething.  It was super helpful!  Here are some of the things they recommended and my experience so far with teething (please note – we still are toothless):

Chew Toys or a Soother – E-man enjoyed them but our beloved dog, Betty, ate them.  We haven’t replaced them yet because of the next item…

Frozen Wash Cloth – He totally loves them and it’s what he plays with while we are eating dinner since he isn’t on solids yet.

Frozen Toys – He only likes them fresh out of the freezer.

Tylenol – Haven’t used it yet.  I’m nervous too for some reason.

Camilia for Teething –  I’ve given this to him twice.  Probably the best thing ever.  He claimed right down.  My favourite part is the doses are pre-packaged and small.  So I have them at home and in the diaper bag!

Gnawing on fingers/toys/receiving blankets/anything he can get his hands on – This is going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it.  Some of our favourite unusual things to gnaw on are the snaps on a onesies while getting a diaper change, the zipper on the sleep sac and the heads on toys while playing with other toys.

My mantra for teething “be strong Mama, little one is just trying to tell you something.”

The first picture is my fav!

Have anything else to add leave it in the comments and I’ll be sure to try it!


  1. Ahhhh teething! And it goes on forever, lol!

    We use Tylenol and Ibuprofen (not at the same time) with good success. But I also really like the Homeocan teething drops – they are similar to the Camilia ones except they don't have any belladonna in them. We also have an amber teething necklace – I'm not sure if I notice a difference with it or not, but it can't hurt and it's pretty cute on!

    Good luck Momma!

    • Thanks Brie! I'll have to try the Homeocan drops when the Camilia runs out. I totally forgot about our amber necklace! We had it on for a few weeks and didn't notice a difference so took it off. We'll try it again as we get deeper into this. I agree can't hurt and it's pretty cute.


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