Uptown Baby

Uptown Baby – Crafts and Colouring

I like to think of myself as crafty. I even have a dedicated place in my little house for crafts.  Shockingly, it’s not the kitchen table! I want to be able to craft with E. Over the past year we have done many crafts with hand and foot prints but he wasn’t ever really involved with them.  I have many ideas of projects for us to do together and Pinterest has countless. I know this will be our thing we do together! I’m really looking forward to this time that we’ll get to spend together creating and getting messy.  Dad has music and make believe but this… this is all Mommy! I’m SUPER EXCITED!  Haha!

This past Easter, we decided to spend a few days at the family cottage as a mini vacation. This was a great time for us but one problem… what to do with a baby! At home we are doing something daily; we go to mom groups, music classes, drop in at the Y, visit people, etc. But at the cottage it was just us (after Granmie and Granpie left).  Dan was busy working and I need to keep E busy. So COLOURING!


I taped down the paper to the table (so that he wouldn’t eat it), found some nice big crayons and away we went.



I let him pick the colours, we would look at the crayons and I assisted him with putting it to paper.  We had a great time! However, the attention span of a 11 month old is pretty small.  So we left the colouring and did something else but he seemed interested each time we sat down at it again!  The first of many times we’ll colour together.






Welcome to the new layout

Hello and welcome to the new layout!

I’ve been a little MIA for the last little while.  I have many reasons but the good news is that I kept writing so I have a lot of posts coming your way!

One of my goals this year was to get the new layout launch and here it is.  Now, I’ll need to re-read my New Years Post to remember what else I was going to do this year.  Haha!  I do hope you enjoy the new look.  It’s all thanks to my friends at 10am!  Thanks guys!!

So IT’S MAY!  I have yet to wrap my head around the fact that it’s 2015 and bam it’s MAY!  Seriously, someone pinch me, please, because this dream that I’m living in is spinning out of control.  In a really good way but still, time is flying.   I officially have a one year old, I’m back at work (part time until E is 18 months), I’m going to be 33 (in November but still… I’m officially old), we’ll be living in our house for 9 years this September and on May 6th I’ll have been working on my career for 11 years (WOWWERS!).

One of the greatest lessons I learned with having E is stop, breath and slow down.  I’ve realized this past year that I’m always in a rushing state (yet, I’m often late).  Shortly after E was born, I decided that it was important for me to slow down and enjoy whatever stage that he was at.  I’m so happy I realized this early on!  Don’t get me wrong, I still rush but I’m starting to appreciate time more and I’m getting better at taking it easy.  Dan does this really well, when he has the time, and he is a great teacher.

Anyway, I’m getting way off track!  I really do hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do.