About Me

I’m just a girl that is also a wife, a wannabe craft nut, a traveller and my new fav…a mom! These are my stories! Enjoy!


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Uptown Baby – Crafts and Colouring

I like to think of myself as crafty. I even have a dedicated place in my little house for crafts. ¬†Shockingly, it’s not the kitchen table! I want to be able to craft with E. Over the past year we have done many crafts with hand and foot prints but he... read more

Welcome to the new layout

Hello and welcome to the new layout! I’ve been a little MIA for the last little while. ¬†I have many reasons but the good news is that I kept writing so I have a lot of posts coming your way! One of my goals this year was to get the new layout launch and here it... read more

Uptown Baby – Daycare

Daycare… how should I put this.  You are like dating. We met up on a sunny afternoon and we walked around.  We had a nice time and I met some of your friends, we all seemed to get along.  It was great!  Then I never heard from you. I let you... read more