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Uptown Baby – Crafts and Colouring

I like to think of myself as crafty. I even have a dedicated place in my little house for crafts.  Shockingly, it’s not the kitchen table! I want to be able to craft with E. Over the past year we have done many crafts with hand and foot prints but he wasn’t ever really involved with them.  I have many ideas of projects for us to do together and Pinterest has countless. I know this will be our thing we do together! I’m really looking forward to this time that we’ll get to spend together creating and getting messy.  Dad has music and make believe but this… this is all Mommy! I’m SUPER EXCITED!  Haha!

This past Easter, we decided to spend a few days at the family cottage as a mini vacation. This was a great time for us but one problem… what to do with a baby! At home we are doing something daily; we go to mom groups, music classes, drop in at the Y, visit people, etc. But at the cottage it was just us (after Granmie and Granpie left).  Dan was busy working and I need to keep E busy. So COLOURING!


I taped down the paper to the table (so that he wouldn’t eat it), found some nice big crayons and away we went.



I let him pick the colours, we would look at the crayons and I assisted him with putting it to paper.  We had a great time! However, the attention span of a 11 month old is pretty small.  So we left the colouring and did something else but he seemed interested each time we sat down at it again!  The first of many times we’ll colour together.





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Uptown Baby – Daycare

Daycare… how should I put this.  You are like dating.

We met up on a sunny afternoon and we walked around.  We had a nice time and I met some of your friends, we all seemed to get along.  It was great!  Then I never heard from you. I let you know that I was interested but something kept you away.  I didn’t want to come off as crazy, so I tried to be relaxed and cool, so I sent an email.  You must have been busy because I never really heard from you.  I stayed patient.  I even flirted with a few others but you were always on my mind.

Then today, six months after meeting you for the first time… you wanted a relationship!

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Uptown Baby – Teething

Teething = NOT FUN!
Just the screaming cries at 4am aren’t fun.  But the drool-monster that is your child is super fun (when not screaming because of teething)!

So a few weeks back, I asked my Facebooks followers what they did with regards to teething.  It was super helpful!  Here are some of the things they recommended and my experience so far with teething (please note – we still are toothless):

Chew Toys or a Soother – E-man enjoyed them but our beloved dog, Betty, ate them.  We haven’t replaced them yet because of the next item…

Frozen Wash Cloth – He totally loves them and it’s what he plays with while we are eating dinner since he isn’t on solids yet.

Frozen Toys – He only likes them fresh out of the freezer.

Tylenol – Haven’t used it yet.  I’m nervous too for some reason.

Camilia for Teething –  I’ve given this to him twice.  Probably the best thing ever.  He claimed right down.  My favourite part is the doses are pre-packaged and small.  So I have them at home and in the diaper bag!

Gnawing on fingers/toys/receiving blankets/anything he can get his hands on – This is going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it.  Some of our favourite unusual things to gnaw on are the snaps on a onesies while getting a diaper change, the zipper on the sleep sac and the heads on toys while playing with other toys.

My mantra for teething “be strong Mama, little one is just trying to tell you something.”

The first picture is my fav!

Have anything else to add leave it in the comments and I’ll be sure to try it!

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Uptown Baby – First Halloween

I’m so late on this one but if you follow me on Instgram then you’ve already seen the pictures!

We didn’t go tick or treating because E-man is only 6 months.  However, we did go to my office, a mom’s group party and a get together with some friends.  So we made our rounds!

Once I had the idea for our costumes, I just went for it!  I was so excited.  You see back in 2009, I started sewing for this very reason.  Growing up my Mom always made our costumes and I wanted to do the same thing.  So I did!

It was a great first Halloween!

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Uptown Baby – The First 6 months

Me and my little man! May 23, 2014 (1 month old)

I can’t believe Evan is six months!  It’s crazy!  He surprised us early and has been a joy ever since. He has grown so much.  He came home from the hospital at 5lb 5oz and he is now 20lb 5oz and wears 9 to 12 month clothing!  He’s a giant.  I’m not shocked because Dan was a big baby too.  I’m pretty dam proud of myself!  My body made this little man and is feeding him to date!!

Babies are no joke.  They are hard work!  Here are some of my personal tips that worked for me during the first 6 months:

Eating while feed: Food needs to be eaten from a bowl with a spoon while feeding.  For the first three months, Evan was a very slow eater.  I would be sitting feeding him for at least 45-60 minutes every 2-3 hours.  So the best thing for me was to eat either finger foods (like veggies and cheese) or from a bowl.

Hot drinks: Drink all hot things out of a thermos – don’t want to spill anything on the baby!

Bonding: Bond with your baby during the day. Night feeds are strictly business. I used Netflix and Pinterest to stay awake.  Then during the day, we were bonding pros!  
Bathroom breaks: Pee before feeding.  Nothing worse than being in the middle of a feed and feeling like you are going to wet yourself. 

Drink water:
 Lots of it and then have a little more – before, after and during every feeding.

Clothing: Wear clothes that you can sleep in but still look fine when people come over to visit.  I kept to leggings, hoodies and breastfeeding tops.

Find a community of other mothers!  This has been so great for me and Evan.  We have met an amazing group of moms and babies.  We get out of the house almost everyday and are socializing with lots of other babies and moms.  We also message each other often when we are having an issue or a successful nap!  I’m so happy to have met with mamas and their babies.

Do a load of wash everyday: Even if it takes all day because you have zero memory because you are so tried, it’s ok!  No one will judge you, they will probably think you are amazing and have it all together!  Staying on top of it is so important, or else it will take over!  I have to thank my Mom for this one.  She got us off on the right foot when she was here for the first two weeks. I can’t thank her enough.  Thanks Mom!!

Cooking: When it comes to cooking, try and make way more food than you need.  So you’ll have lots of leftovers to freeze.  If you have the energy to cook you may as well take advantage of it, right? This includes grains as well. We are big rice and barely eaters, so I always make 3 times more.  This way the days I don’t feel like cooking it just a matter of defrost, reheat and eat.

Also, try and take advantage of your oven settings. My oven has a delayed start and cook time feature (who knew!). So on the off chance that Evan is napping longer than 30 minutes, I get dinner together and set up the oven for it to be all cooked by 5:30ish.

Build a good routine: Forget a schedule, go with a routine.  I’m not a professional but this is what works for us:  Do what will work for you and your baby!  I cannot express that enough.  We don’t have a set schedule at all.  Tried it and it didn’t work for us.  Evan’s nap times can go for 15 minutes to 2 hours.  So going with a routine is what works best for us.  Our routine is “Eat, Activity, Sleep” without paying attention to time. Sleeptime comes when Evan shows that he’s tired by an eye-rub or a yawn. This seems to work really well for us.  It does of course change from time to time and that’s ok because well… that’s life.  I’m not a super schedule person anyway and this is probably why a routine works for us.

Daycare: It is never too early to start planning on daycare (tear!).  Locally, we have a single online wait-list for all daycare centres.  Sounds like a good idea but really its just another step in the process. Daycares seem to have their own wait list anyway.  I think it’s too new still for it to be working the way people want it too.  Either way, we started looking into care when he was 4 months (this is in addition to going on these wait list when I was just 10 weeks pregers – crazy!  I know).  So we’ll see what happens.

Feel free to add anything in the comments section of things that worked for you!!

Rock on!  Us leaving the NICU – May 1, 2014 (9 days old)
One of his preemie sleepers vs. what he wore the other night (a 9 month sleeper)
One of my favourites!  One month vs. six months (he was sitting and then fell over into this position so I went with it)